The XMP for Experience Teams

Customer, employee, and product experience data at your fingertips. Use the XMP to automate and consolidate your experience programs to build culture and drive outcomes across your enterprise.

Manage and operationalize all CX & EX experiences together in one consolidated experience platform.

How does CX impact the Experience Team?


Customer experience overtook price and product as the #1 key brand differentiator in 2020. (Walker)


Highly engaged teams produce 21% more profit than the less engaged counterparts. (Forbes)


80% of customers say the experience businesses provide is just as important as its products and services. (Salesforce)


Today, 89% of companies say they are competing primarily on the basis of customer experience––up from just 36% in 2010. (Gartner)

Build a culture of experiences and watch your business transform.

For every important point on the customer and employee journey, understand areas of improvement, drive initiatives, and reward and motivate with experience data. Connect experience data to compensations, benchmarking, and employee motivation with automated gamification.


We work with you to build your experience campaigns.

For CXOs given the daunting task of optimizing experiences across every employee, team, department, location – and for every customer –’s Experience Management Platform (XMP) consolidates and automates it all. We will build campaigns based on your business objectives, and you watch the magic happen.

Be found locally, build trust globally, and fuel your Experience Team efforts with the XMP.

Want to see how XMP can power your Experience Team?