Your Ultimate Solution for Employee Experience

Drive retention, reputation, and boost revenue with automated EX workflows

Personalized, journey-based EX campaigns

Launch preset employee feedback campaigns that deploy at the moments that matter on your employee journey, from attraction to exit. HRIS and applicant tracking integrations deliver a unique level of personalization, empowering current and prospective employees to easily share & excel through real-time, continuous feedback.

Expertly Templated Employee Journey









Understand the “Why” to pinpoint leadership action

Why do people leave? What makes them stay? How do they feel about your interview process? What do people need in learning and development, based on their role, department, and length of employment? Access best-in-class employee experience campaign templates for each critical moment of the employee journey, created by HR experts that go to the right people automatically.

XMP’s open platform integrates with the HRIS and CRM systems.

Along with pre-configured reports, and analytics platforms like Tableau. Surface insights across specific touchpoints to improve engagement, productivity, satisfaction, decrease turnover and absenteeism. XMP is the change that helps HR leaders drive proactive initiatives that elevate their employee experiences.

Build an intentional, high-performing culture for your employees.

Go beyond pulse surveys to truly elevate employees, humanizing and personalizing automated communication, so no candidate or employee is left behind.

How does employee culture impact your success?


Strong cultures resulted in a 4x increase in revenue growth. (Forbes)


The price of replacing an employee can range from 1.5-2x the worker’s annual salary. (Rise)


A distinct workplace culture is important to business success, according to 94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees. (Deloitte)


35% of American workers say they would pass on the perfect job if company culture wasn’t a good fit. (Robert Half)

Collect employee data to retain and grow your top performers

Get feedback about onboarding, training, career development sentiment, and culture, segmented by the employee data you already have access to in your HRIS. Real-time reporting and escalations get information to the right leaders tied to the right initiatives to take action. Identify at-risk employees, check the effectiveness of your training efforts, career programs, and more.


Companies lose 25% of all new employees within a year. (HRIQ)


88% of organizations don’t onboard well. (GALLUP)

1 in 4

1 in 4 employees say they are not supported towards their growth and development. (OFFICE VIBE)

Use candidate and employee feedback to win your next recruit

Automatically share feedback about your company with APIs to critical employer reputation sites and directories, with direct workflows to Glassdoor and Indeed. Potential hires can leave feedback about your interviewing process so others know what to expect. Just as brand reputation matters to customers, it is critical for recruitment marketing.

Why is candidate and employee feedback important?


92% of people would consider changing jobs if offered a role with a company with an excellent corporate reputation (Corporate Responsibility Magazine)


86% of HR professionals surveyed indicated recruitment is becoming more like marketing (ICIMS)


86% of employees and job seekers research company reviews and ratings to decide on where to apply for a job (Glassdoor)

Let our platform make every experience matter more for your employees

Drive intelligent CX & EX feedback campaigns and use that feedback to amplify marketing, boost customer-focused employee behavior, all while building a strong brand reputation and culture.