The XMP for Technology Teams

Consolidated customer, employee, and product experience data that powers all departments for maximum efficiency. Automate collection and operationalize data with systems you already use, to drive outcomes across your enterprise.

Create a cohesive CX and EX journey with a robust platform that can integrate into your existing systems.

Power your business by connecting to any platform. Easily map HRIS and transaction data into the XMP. Effortlessly map profile data and customer feedback from the XMP.

How does technology impact your business?


Our XMP is an all-in-one platform to operationalize experience data across all departments and connect to every system.


Using technology to revamp customer service can reduce the cost of service by up to 40%. (McKinsey)


67% of customers say that their standard for good customer experience is higher than ever before. (Salesforce)


73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. (PWC)

Your business's success is connected to the experiences you provide.

For technology leaders given the daunting task of selecting and optimizing enterprise technology, look no further than the Experience Management Platform (XMP). Enable, consolidate and automate experience data for every employee, team, department, and location.

Create outstanding experiences, build reputation, and fuel your technology teams performance with the XMP.