Top Performer results are in! See where you ranked in 2022 for Customer Satisfaction has become the industry benchmark for measuring the customer experience provided by companies in the mortgage and real estate industry.

Our Methodology

The results consider survey completion rates, number of reviews, and star ratings submitted to the Experience Management Platform by verified customers. To ensure data integrity, the integrated, cloud-based, platform is connected directly to each company’s transaction data and requests are sent automatically to customers on all closed transactions.

Our #1 Winners for 2022

Amber Ernst - #1 Loan Officer

#1 Jumbo Division Winner

#1 Large Division Winner

#1 Medium Division Winner

#1 Small Division Winner

Award Categories


Top Mortgage Companies - 4 Division Categories

In fairness, the mortgage company award winners are segmented into four divisions based on the number of loan originators.


Top Loan Officers

“The loan officer (LO) has to close a high volume of mortgage loans, and give each customer a great experience every time. One poor review out of 100 closed loans can eliminate a LO from landing on this prestigious list.” - Scott Harris's CEO / Co-Founder


Top Real Estate Companies

"Earning a top position on our annual customer satisfaction ranking indicates these agents and real estate companies achieve that connection, helping them above their competition.” - Scott Harris,'s CEO / Co-Founder


Top Real Estate Agents

“It is extremely difficult to earn a position on these lists. Buying and selling a home is a very personal experience so it is vital that realtors connect with their customers in a special way. ” explains's CEO Scott Harris.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is's Top Performers program?'s Top Performers is a prestigious event that recognizes outstanding performers in the mortgage and real estate industries based on customer satisfaction. It serves as the industry benchmark for measuring the customer experience provided by companies and individuals in these sectors. Since its inception in 2015, Top Performers has become synonymous with excellence and has gained widespread recognition as a symbol of achievement.

2. How are the Top Performers decided?

The Top Performers are determined through a comprehensive evaluation process that takes into account various factors related to customer satisfaction. analyzes data from its Experience Management Platform, which includes survey completion rates, number of reviews, and star ratings submitted by verified customers. The platform is directly connected to each company's transaction data, ensuring data integrity and authenticity. Based on this data, the winners are selected, showcasing their ability to consistently provide exceptional customer experiences.

3. How many categories are there?

The Top Performers event features multiple categories to recognize excellence in different areas. In the 2022 edition, there are four division categories for Top Mortgage Companies: Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo. Additionally, there is a category for Top Loan Officers, Top Real Estate Agents and Top Real Estate Companies. The event aims to encompass various segments of the mortgage and real estate industries, ensuring fair competition and recognition across different sectors.

4. How can you become a Top Performer next year?

To become a Top Performer in the future, businesses and individuals should prioritize customer satisfaction and consistently strive to provide exceptional experiences. This includes focusing on aspects such as prompt and efficient service, personalized interactions, and actively seeking customer feedback. By utilizing's Experience Management Platform, companies can monitor their online reputation, respond to customer reviews, and address any concerns promptly. Actively engaging with customers, delivering exceptional service, and maintaining a positive brand image are key steps toward becoming a Top Performer in the next edition of the event.

5. What is the benefit of ranking as a Top Performer?

Ranking as a Top Performer in the mortgage and real estate industries comes with significant advantages. It establishes you as a leader in customer satisfaction, enhancing your reputation and credibility. This recognition opens doors to new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations. Being a Top Performer serves as a powerful marketing tool, attracting a loyal customer base and contributing to long-term success. Additionally, it provides networking opportunities and access to industry expertise, keeping you updated on the latest trends and best practices. Overall, being a Top Performer offers visibility, credibility, and growth potential in a competitive market.

6. Why am I not included on the list despite being ranked #1 in my company's leaderboards and rankings?

Being ranked #1 within your company is a commendable achievement. However, the Top Performers list takes into account a much larger pool of over 50,000 loan officers, where the results can be so close, just fractions of percentages between some professionals.It is essential to understand that the competition is fierce, and even if you are ranked #1 within your company, you are evaluated alongside other loan officers who also hold the top position. The algorithm used to calculate the results considers various factors to ensure fairness and accuracy in the rankings.

7. Why do we arrange the Top 10 and Top 1% in alphabetical order?

The decision to arrange the Top 10 and Top 1% alphabetically and rankwise is based on the understanding that each officer's rank differs by only a small fraction of percentages. We firmly believe that individuals who have achieved a position within either of these categories deserve immense recognition and accolades. By organizing the list alphabetically, we aim to emphasize the extraordinary accomplishments of each individual without prioritizing one over the other based solely on such a small difference.

8. What is the difference between the Top 1% for Top Performers from the Top 5% for Search Site Ranking?

The Top 1% for Top Performers distinction is determined by evaluating millions of customer reviews, survey completion rates, and star ratings received through the platform. This prestigious award is granted to the top 1% of participating loan officers who have consistently delivered outstanding customer satisfaction. It reflects their exceptional performance as recognized by their clients.

On the other hand, the Top 5% for Search Site Ranking pertains to search rankings. It is based on an assessment of a professional's visibility and position within search engine results. This ranking signifies that a website falls within the top 5% in terms of its search engine performance, indicating its strong online presence and visibility to potential customers.